2012 South Australian Open Championship

Talitha was one of the first competitors to hit the mats on Sunday morning.
She was able to successfully use her game plan to win her division (10yr U40kg Mixed Novice-Green) and bring home the gold medal.

Around 40 mins later she went on to compete in the 12yr U54kg Female division where she won a silver medal.

Talitha Podium

In my weight division U67kg Blue I lost in the semis but I had the opportunity to fight for the bronze medal. I started the match pulling to an open guard position and setting a reverse de la riva guard.
My opponent was able to cross face and keep me from progressing. However, at this point I secured a deep lapel choke. I finished the match via submission, winning what should have been the bronze medal.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. As soon as I stepped off of the mats I was informed that another competitor had complained that I had fought the wrong opponent and that he should have been called to fight me. The officials agreed that they had made a mistake and I was told that I must fight again for the bronze medal.

I started the next match in the same way, pulling open guard and setting my guard. I wasn’t able to control my opponent this time and I lost the match by points and along with it, the bronze medal 🙁

My day of competition was not over at this point though. I brought home a bronze medal from the open weight division.

Shaun Podium

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  • Ok I read the part why you did not get the Bronze.
    I think that was wrong as you already had the fight.
    It should have been said before you had your fight.

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