Synergy Pro Competition – Shaun

vs Marc Miller

I had known from previously meeting Marc that he was a Judo black belt. Knowing this I didn’t want to keep the fight standing any longer than required. As soon as the fight started I pulled half guard before switching to reverse de la riva and looking to take Marcs back. I was able to roll under and attempt the sweep but Marc spun back to face me and I missed my opportunity. Back in half guard I was looking to take the back or sweep but Marc was holding the position. Marc received a penalty for not progressing and I eventually managed to get to full guard. The referee noticed that Marc was bleeding quite a bit and the fight was stopped to clean it up.

With the cleanup done there was just over 1 minute left on the clock. Marc tried to stand and pass so I grabbed both of his ankles and managed to sweep. However, Marc kept me from coming on top so I only gained an advantage. Marc stood to pass again and I tried the same sweep. This time he kicked his leg back, I lost my grip and there was a quick scramble. I managed to stop him from passing and once again locked up the half guard position. Marc was awarded an advantage for almost passing and with only 5 seconds left on the clock I held on to win by an advantage.


vs Sam Broughton

Sam started by gripping and trying to pull me on top to guard. I kept my balance and passed around Sam’s guard straight to knee on belly. From this position I attempted a clock choke. Sam was able to defend the choke multiple times as I switched between the knee on belly and choke position. Once the clock choke had not worked I tried to mount instead. Sam defended again and I was able to take his back instead. From here I tried to finish the fight with bow and arrow and rear naked chokes. Sam’s grip breaking and general choke defence was very impressive. I switched from the back to an arm bar position but once again Sam was able to hold on and defend. I again switched position to Sam’s back and this time tried a standard lapel choke. Sam never giving up was able to hold on for the duration. I ended up winning with a score of 15-0 and 4 advantages.

Knee on Belly - Sam

Marc and Sam fought it out for the Silver and Bronze medals. Once again the fight went the allotted 6 minutes. Marc managed to take the Silver with a score of 4-0.


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